4 Issues Pointing Towards Garage Door Service

4 Issues Pointing Towards Garage Door ServiceAre you having a garage door inside your home? If yes, then you might be using it for two to three times a day. Since these doors are quite heavy and used several times a day throughout their life, there is need to service them regularly. By lubricating and maintaining your overhead door installation, a homeowner can enjoy low repair costs and smooth door operation for years to come. Despite of lubricating or taking care of your investment regularly, there are still some problems that can come up anytime and may require repairs from a garage door repair company.

Some issues that point towards professional repairs are:

  1. Garage Door Doesn’t Open Or Close
    If you are pressing the remote button or the wall switch, but there is no movement in the door and it is not operating at all. This means that any of the door component has become faulty and needs to be inspected and repaired by technicians.
  2. Overhead Door Is Making Noise
    A healthy door is one that perform its operations silently. In case, you lubricate your installation regularly, but it is still emitting a weird screeching noise there is surely something wrong. To know about the exact cause behind the problem, call your local garage door installers for an inspection and maintenance service.
  3. Garage Door Not Working ProperlyIf your residential door is not working properly or is stuck to the ground, its time to get its weatherstrip and springs replaced. Since overhead door repairs can turn out to be dangerous if done yourself, the best option is to contact a reliable company that provides affordable, yet quality garage door service.
  4. Broken Springs & Hardware
    A garage door is a complex installation that consists of several components that are integrated together to support opening and closing mechanism. To ensure smooth and safe door operation, make sure all these elements are in proper condition. If you notice any cracks on rollers or springs, call in an expert technical for spring replacement service.

These are some of the issues that asks for professional overhead door repair service in St. Albert. If you want to install a garage door that can perform efficiently for years, don’t hesitate calling our technicians at St. Albert Garage Doors.