Garage Door Cable Repair & Replacement Services in St. Albert

Garage door systems operate using different components. While each component is crucial, the cables ensure the system operates properly. Read on to find out the signs that tell it is time to replace your garage door’s cable. For prompt service in St. Albert, contact your technicians at St. Albert Garage Doors

Garage Door Cable

What are the Most Common Problems Garage Door Cables Face?

An overhead door has extension springs – which when break, put an increased energy on the door. This increased energy can lead to fatal injuries. The force is so intense that it could even cause damage to a vehicle.

This is why safety cables are crucial. The cables in your overhead door provide protection when the springs break.

But what if the cable has a problem?

If your door sticks during opening or closing, the cable could be causing the problem. However, to find out if the cables are actually the reason behind the problem, certain inspection procedures are required. Other issues can also be causing your door to stick, and this is why inspection is crucial.

Why Is It Important to Seek Professional Help?

Repairing garage door cables yourself can be extremely dangerous – it is a difficult and unsafe job. Attempting to repair broken cables without professional training can cause homeowners serious injuries. We highly recommend not to repair broken or faulty garage door cables yourself. Additionally, the kinds of cables used depend on the unique characteristics of each door and only a professional technician will know which cable type is right for your garage door. At St. Albert Garage Doors, we have the experience and expertize needed to fix broken or faulty garage door cables in a safe and efficient manner.

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Apart from garage door cables we also offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • Broken Garage Door Springs Replacement
  • Garage Door Rollers Repair/Replacement
  • Bent Tracks Replacement
  • Maintenance & Inspections

Our technicians are fully trained to handle garage door cable replacement tasks. Expert service ensures the safety of your family as well as your property. A malfunctioning overhead door can be dangerous, and if it’s not repaired on time, someone can suffer a fatal injury. Let us repair or replace your garage door cable efficiently and effectively using the right safety measures.

Emergency Service

Our same-day services are also available for cable repair or replacement, so contact us anytime to get your door back to performing like it is supposed to. Whether you need a new cable, or immediately need to repair the existing one, our team is willing to service your St. Albert garage doors at a moment’s notice.

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