The Real Dangers of an Old Garage Door

Garage Door Repair ServicesHave you been facing some problems with your overhead door? Have you an old aged garage door? If your answer is yes, it is best not to take these problems lightly. If you take your door problems lightly, it can end up either damaging your expensive vehicle or may even kill you. Having fifteen year old garage door is not good for you and your family, means it is time to think about a new garage door.

Most of the people know that it is not easy to deal with an old door. An old door might get stuck when you open and close it or the remote may refuse to cooperate. A garage door repair can prevent these problems and add value to your house. But you need to know the dangers of an old garage door and think about to change it as soon as possible.

  1. Wear and tear problem: It is a very general problem. Sometimes it occurs with new garage doors, but the chances are very rare. An old overhead door gets looser and easily creates wear and tear problems. An old door should be replaced after ten or fifteen years to prevent an injury or accident and also prevent intruders from breaking in.
  1. Overhead doors fall: Having an old door poses is the possibility of falling down on your car, bike or other material that you have stored in the garage. May even fall on you or your family member or pet. This happens due to medieval spring or cable. Because with the passing of time, they are not able to hold heavy weight of your door.
  1. Increased the chances of break in: You may not think about it much, but do you know your garage door is the main way to get entry to your house. An old door is very easy to open or break. As a door gets old and their parts rust, it becomes more vulnerable. A new garage door does not only mitigate the chances of burglary, but it also enhances the curb appeal of your house.
  1. Faulty reverse sensors: Garage door reverses sensor is another thing to consider when your door is getting old. A reverse sensor may not work properly with your old door. It is an important safety feature that forcing the door to stop when anything is in the way of the door. A broken or faulty sensor may lead to a major accident or even to death.

If you have ten to twelve years old garage door, you need to think about to replace it as soon as possible. Replacing is the greatest way to improve the security and safety as well as enhance the value of your house. For more information about the garage door replacement service, contact to St. Albert Garage Doors in St. Albert.